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Opening you a national and global market with a virtual sales agent

We use artificial intelligence to schedule meetings
Specialized coverage in Spain
Validated contact details
GDPR compliance


Create sales agents with SalesMatch.Ai that work on autopilot for you with GTP4 to schedule meetings with customers who need your product or service.

Purchase intent

We engage companies that are actively seeking your product or service. Closing deals is easier when you talk to buyers looking for a solution like yours.

Sales triggers

We contact your potential buyers when they are most likely to buy. We fill your sales funnel with real opportunities. We put you on the radar of companies in growth mode and newly appointed decision makers.

We score leads accurately

We analyze your target companies on a deep level. We uncovered your tech stacks to understand the sophistication of your infrastructure and willingness to invest.


Choose your target customer type and we will provide you with data on thousands of them

  • We provide you with a variety of data types to facilitate domestic and global sales activities.
  • Choose your region, company size, industry and our platform will provide you with the data.
  • We are already feeding the revenue engines of thousands of global companies with the most comprehensive data.


Reach more prospects

Quantity is good, but we know that quality is what you really need.

That's why we've built a robust data quality engine that combines artificial intelligence and human verification to bring you verified B2B emails and validated mobile phones for your most valuable prospects.

The result? Better orientation, faster connection speeds and more conversations.

Fully GDPR compliant

Prospects in accordance with the law.

At SalesMatch.Ai, we put people's privacy first when we approach B2B sales and marketing. That's why our tools are fully compliant with GDPR and international data regulations.

You probably want to know how we do it...

  • Proprietary data capture mechanisms
    This is our first layer of data: community-sourced data. It comes from members of our community who allow us to match contact information stored in signature blocks with business professionals in our database.
  • Proprietary machine learning models
    We monitor the digital infrastructure of companies using proprietary ML models. We then cross-reference this data with job postings to give an idea of which technologies are used in which companies.
  • Publicly Available Information
    We monitor publicly available information on millions of corporate websites, job postings, news sources, and company registries to confirm business information and add an extra layer of accuracy.
  • Strategic associations
    We have formed strategic alliances with first level suppliers. This allows us to provide users with highly accurate supporting data, such as purchase intent data and recognition of investment capacity growth events.
  • Manual Investigation + Daily Database Updates = Coverage + Integrity + Correctness
  • Mobile number validation
    Our ultimate goal is simple: we want you to have more conversations. That’s why we have a team of researchers dedicated to manually validating mobile phone numbers.
  • Quality audits
    To ensure that the data we collect meets our strict quality standards, our research team continually audits our customers’ most desired company and contact profiles, including information collected through our programmatic data capture methods. primary data.
  • Daily database updates
    We perform millions of daily database updates
  • Company manual research
    We operate and drive continuous database improvement with a quality-first mentality.
  • Major Event Tracking
    At the contact level, when positions join or leave a company. This allows clients to rekindle relationships with old users or connect with new decision makers who are just getting started and building their strategy, before competitors catch up with them.