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Learn about our main services and how you can improve your business with SalesMatch.AI

All the tools to grow your business
  • Sales
    It will allow you to collect customer behavior data, automate the most tedious tasks and close deals faster.
  • Customer service
    It will provide you with omnichannel responses to customers, exceeding their expectations to turn them into promoters that enhance the growth of your company.
  • Finance
    It will manage your day-to-day administrative work from invoices, receipts, expenses, delivery notes or inventory.
  • Marketing Automation
    It will help you increase traffic, convert more visitors into customers, and run complete inbound marketing campaigns.
  • Operations
    It will synchronize your apps, clean and organize customer data, and automate your workflows, making your processes work better.
  • Virtual office
    It will ensure that your teams collaborate better through unified, customer-focused communication tools.


Carry out comprehensive management of new customer acquisition, from the creation of mailboxes to initial conversations with prospects to close meetings

  • Verified professional contact emails
  • Access to more than a million Spanish companies and managers
  • Monitoring your purchase intention on social networks
  • Email personalization with artificial intelligence
  • Email Templates, Drip Sequences, and Response Tracking


Interact with customers through their preferred channels. Automatically track the online activities of your current customers.

  • Contact management
  • Business Pipeline
  • Quotes and contracts
  • Business objectives
  • Tasks and segmentation

Marketing Automation

Offer more relevant content based on your customers’ characteristics, such as demographics, purchase history, or behavior.

  • Newsletter
  • Forms, Pop-ups and Reservations of products and services
  • Loyalty campaigns
  • Growth Hacking Planner
  • Social media management

Content Management

Provide customers with a reliable and personalized experience. Manage all types of content that can be integrated into your current website or create a website from our templates.

  • Websites and blog
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Template and catalog library
  • Identification of registered visitors
  • Custom domain

Customer service

Integrate all communication channels, improving response times and providing a better overall customer experience.

  • Live chat with video conferencing
  • Creating tickets from chat
  • Knowledge base
  • Customer Portal
  • Team email


Collaborate in the execution of projects by assigning tasks and monitoring them.

  • Project profitability management and task assignment
  • Schedules and agenda
  • Asset and movement management
  • Work parts
  • Management of teams, permissions and fields with logic


It allows people in the organization to find common work processes and responses independently.

  • Selection process management panel
  • Management of shifts and time records
  • Social media wall for employees
  • Employee portal
  • Internal training library


Manage the accounting, reports and models essential for any self-employed person or SME.

  • Recurring electronic invoice
  • Accounting and presentation of tax models
  • Purchasing, inventory and multi-warehouse traceability
  • Remittances with SEPA direct debit
  • Payrolls and rates

Virtual office

Collect conversations in a shared mailbox, keeping all members informed to collaborate seamlessly and provide exceptional email support.

  • Chat designed for work
  • File storage
  • Unified search
  • Report dashboards with Business Intelligence
  • Advanced automation

Application Market

Our integrated applications help you manage and automate business processes across your organization. Manage your new clients with our integrations and native functionalities for Sales Management, Marketing Automation, Content Management, Customer Service, Operations, People, Finance and Virtual Office.

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