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Partner Program

Partnership program for different types of agencies:

For marketing agencies

For lead generation agencies

How does it work?

Why should you become a SalesMatch partner?

  • Clients for you
    We will introduce you to companies that want to outsource external sales
  • Easy migration
    Already using a solution? We help you switch to SalesMatch quickly and easily
  • Best price
    As a member, you will receive lower prices
  • Continuous support
    We will support you in the use of our platform. In addition, we will periodically share the information we obtain from millions of analyzed emails.
  • Exclusive features
    Gets access to features that support multiple account management
  • Get marketing exposure
    Get recognized in our “Expert of the Week” cycle, participate in webinars, and be featured in the Partner Directory

How is the proccess?

1. We present you to customers

We connect you with potential customers from small and medium-sized businesses

2. You start working for them

You get the results desired by your client using SalesMatch.Ai

3. Customers stay with you

Clients keep working with you

It's a win-win – you get customers, we get active subscriptions.​

Exclusive features for partners

As our partner, you'll gain access to features not available to regular users. These features are intended to make your job easier when working with multiple clients.

  • Board
    Comprehensive and easy to navigate dashboard that allows you to view a report and quickly decide which customer(s) need your attention.
  • Many email accounts in one place
    Multiple email channels can be connected to one SalesMatch account. No more logging out and back in to schedule a campaign.
  • Shared inbox
    It allows you to manage and answer all the questions your campaign(s) receive.